29 May 2017

Mikayel Gabrielyan: Pianist / Composer, Biography

Mikayel Gabrielyan  was born in Yerevan, 1974
First piano recital and a performance with orchestra just happened in 12 years with the State Chamber Orchestra of Armenia.
1991 - 1996  professional music education received in Yerevan State Conservatory after Komitas in class of People's Artist of Armenia, now a Professor of the Moscow Conservatory Yuri Hayrapetyan.
1997 - 2001  professional musical education continued in the Moscow State Conservatory named after P.Tchaikovsky in class of People's Artist of the USSR, Professor Victor Merzhanov.
During the years of study Mikayel Gabrielyan often performed piano recitals in the best concert halls in Armenia and Russia. 

"Mikayel Gabrielyan  is a talented pianist 
from Armenia. 
He studied in my class since 1997, and later was an assistant (graduate student) of the Moscow State Conservatory after P.Tchaikovsky. During the period of his studies in my class, Mikayel Gabrielyan  has displayed himself as a musician knowing the brilliant technique, boundlessness and expressiveness of performance, richness of sounds". 
   People's artist of USSR, Professor of 
Moscow State Conservatory 
Merzhanov V. K.
Since  2003  Mikayel Gabrielyan  lives in Yerevan, Armenia.
Often performed piano recitals in Yerevan and Moscow.

In  2007  of great success a presentation of its five Albums in Yerevan.
1. Mikayel Gabrielyan's "Transcendental Transcriptions for Piano Solo" 
(Piano version by "Snowstorm" by G.Sviridov)
2. F.Chopin - 17 Mazurkas
3. F.Chopin - "Nocturnes, Waltzes and Mazurkas"
4. Mikayel Gabrielyan - "12 Preludes for Piano Solo, Op.25"
5. Mikayel Gabrielyan - "10 Impromptus for Piano Solo, Op.17"

Since 2009  Mikayel Gabrielyan as a President 
of MGR Production 

In  2013  Mikayel Gabrielyan  recorded two new Albums at the piano recitals in
Cafesjian Center for the Arts  in Yerevan, Armenia.

In  2014 - 2015  MIkayel Gabrielyan  recorded a new Video Album 
modern piano music  of Egyptian composer Hussam Ezz Eldin.

In  2015  with great success concerts and masterclasses in Spain, where  Mikayel Gabrielyan performed his music and piano works of romantic composers.

In  2016  Mikayel Gabrielyan  recorded a new Album  "My Dreams" 
with her Piano Improvisations.

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25 May 2017

Music Therapy Center by Mikayel Gabrielyan

Now I'm dreaming to create a Center of the Music Therapy  to help people with help of music to reduce stress in our stressful 21st century.
I do not know exactly when (I hope very soon) and what kind of country will work my first "Mikayel Gabrielyan Music Therapy Center".
"Music is very much in this world have the information.
It is everywhere !
But there are people who have chosen to ignore it (as in his life made this choice), or their consciousness sees music only in degraded form (again, do so choose).
What happens to a man when he gets the right information, the music ??
Some of the music (the information) is able to reach the deep unconscious human entrails and provide at least a few seconds, the identification with the "archetype" of men.
A then ...
Then a miracle happens !
At least turn on the backup recovery of the body, which is impossible to control the mind and turn (it on a physical level).
And on the mental - the person is transferred to another reality (transcendence), mostly different from the usual that objectives of ordinary reality (money, status, power, and pleasure) - there is only a means to achieve higher goals ..."
And now I invite to everyone to try to listen this my music with help of the internet.
I wish you a happy listening and will be glad for your suggestions !
Mikayel Gabrielyan


Сейчас я мечтаю над созданием Центра музыкальной терапии, целью которого является психологическая помощь людям в наш стрессовый 21 век.
Пока точно не знаю когда (надеюсь что очень скоро) и в какой именно стране начнет работу мой первый "Mikayel Gabrielyan Music Therapy Center".
"Музыка, как и очень многое в этом мире есть информация.
Она везде !
Есть люди, которые выбрали ее не замечать (когда то в своей жизни сделали такой выбор), или их сознание замечает музыку только в деградированном виде (опять же сами так выбрали).
Что же происходит с человеком, когда он получает правильную информацию, музыку ?
Некоторая музыка (как информация) способна дойти до глубинных недр бессознательного человека и обеспечить хотя бы на несколько секунд идентификацию с человеческим "архетипом".
A потом...
Потом происходит чудо !
Как минимум включается резервное восстановление организма, которое сознанием невозможно контролировать и включить (это на физическом уровне).
А на психическом - человек переносится в другую реальность (трансцедентную), главным образом отличающееся от обычной тем, что Цели обычной реальности (деньги, статус, власть и удовольствия) - там всего лишь СРЕДСТВА для достижения более высоких Целей..."
Сейчас я приглашаю всех желающих послушать мою музыку с помощью интернета и буду очень счаслив, если она будет полезной !
Желаю Вам приятного прослушивания и буду рад за предложения ! 
Спасибо ! 

С наилучшими пожеланиями,
Mikayel Gabrielyan

MGR Production 2017

21 May 2017


Mikayel Gabrielyan

V.Monti - S.Kursanov - M.Gabrielyan


A.Khachaturian - M.Gabrielyan

Arno Babadjanian - Mikayel Gabrielyan

Eugen Doga - Mikayel Gabrielyan



Live recording from Piano Recital at the Yerevan Chamber Music Hall, 05.12.2004.

G.Sviridov - S.Kursanov - M.Gabrielyan

28 April 2017


Mikayel Gabrielyan

"The world, where people live, will be much better and nicer, if every person understands his responsibility before Heaven not only for personal sins, but also for those good steps that he could do, 
but did not"...

     Every person can listen my this Album free in YouTube  too!
Wish a pleasant listening !

Mikayel Gabrielyan  Prelude for Piano Solo Op.25 N1
Mikayel Gabrielyan  Prelude for Piano Solo Op.25 N2
Mikayel Gabrielyan  Prelude for Piano Solo Op.25 N3
Mikayel Gabrielyan  Prelude for Piano Solo Op.25 N4
Mikayel Gabrielyan  Prelude for Piano Solo Op.25 N5
Mikayel Gabrielyan  Prelude for Piano Solo Op.25 N6
Mikayel Gabrielyan  Prelude for Piano Solo Op.25 N7
Mikayel Gabrielyan  Prelude for Piano Solo Op.25 N8
Mikayel Gabrielyan  Prelude for Piano Solo Op.25 N9
  Mikayel Gabrielyan  Prelude for Piano Solo Op.25 N10
  Mikayel Gabrielyan  Prelude for Piano Solo Op.25 N11
  Mikayel Gabrielyan  Prelude for Piano Solo Op.25 N12

MGR Production 2012